We aim for big, heavy animals with strong legs, strong topline and great beef value.

Breeding programme

At Humlegaarden we breed harmonious animals with a strong topline and a well-developed rump and frame. We aim for big, heavy animals with strong legs and great beef value. The two most important characteristics in our breeding programme are temper and polledness.

We have selected temper throughout the years, which is why, all our animals are used to being handled with a halter and attending cattle shows. More than half of our stock is polled. Furthermore we have a strong focus on genetics. When an animal is polled we always use a horned bull to make sure that no traits are lost. A strong selection ensures that our stock consists of only the very best animals.

Some may say that the odds are tough, but we must admit that being big is the easiest way for a cow to stay at Humlegaarden.

We use genomic testing to select animals for breeding. In addition, we select all our cows – and our young bulls.