Limousin cattle with Double Muscling differ from other breeds with the same characteristics by the fact, that these Double Muscles are not developed until after birth. This ensures a natural and lighter birth for the cow.

Even though they are born with a low birth weight, the Limousin calves with Double Muscling are able to reach their full grown weight after only one year.


The Advantages of Double Muscling in Limousin Cattle

Animals with Double Muscling have greater feed efficiency and a higher quality of meat, which means a greater tenderness of the meat.

Limousin Cattle get more muscle fiber with Double Muscling, and this ensures 20 percent greater muscle mass. This is without any extra feed.


In addition, the Double Muscling ensures:

  • 19 percent better carvings
  • 8 percent more profit from retail carvings
  • 6-11 percent greater tenderness


Photo: Jacob Holst
Photo: Jacob Holst