Limousin cattle with Double Muscling differ from other breeds with the same characteristics by the fact, that these Double Muscles are not developed until after birth. This ensures a natural and lighter birth for the cow. Even though they are born with a low birth weight, the Limousin calves with Double Muscling are able […]


Vi producerer økologisk hø og wap af bedste kvalitet. De økologiske marker sikrer en større sundhed blandt køer og heste, da der er blomster og planter med i hø og wap. Der er dog ikke kløver i hverken hø eller wap til heste. Vi kører med græsharver allerede i foråret for at minimere mængden af […]


HESTESTALD Om Humlegårdens heste Vi har solgt dyr til alle egne af Danmark samt flere steder i Frankrig.  


The Cattle Show of Funen 2018 24 point and ”Best animal of all limousines,” ”Best of own breed” and ”Best female over 18 months.” Humlegårdens Mie P got all the best results that we could wish for on this years Agricultural Show. She is the offspring of f/Humlegårdens Gallon and m/Humlegårdens Amelie. The Cattle Show of […]


We currently stock embryos from:   Number 157 is a PP homozygote, and she has provided us with one of our own stock bulls, which we have now sold. She is flushed with Tisto, as we believe, that he is the right bull and the right match. Download pedigree Klick for bigger picture.         […]


At Humlegaarden we breed harmonious animals with a strong topline and a well-developed rump and frame. We aim for big animals with strong legs and great beef value. The two most important characteristics in our breeding programme are temper and polledness. We have selected temper throughout the years, which is why, all our animals are […]


We have three stock bulls of our own at the moment. This is no. 430. Gallon is the first of our own bulls that we have used as a stock bull. He has been selected at 88, and has received a maximum score of 24 points at the cattle show. Angus Waldemar was a stock bull that […]


  Bringing an animal to a show is a very special experience. The cows will meet 30-40.000 townsmen, eager to pet them. Because of this we use the cattle shows to train their social skills. Apart from that we attend cattle shows to win. And our efforts have been appreciated many times by the judges. […]